Saturday, November 24, 2007

Whom shall I love, if I love not you

Lord, who am I, that You have loved me so much, and that You should so much desire to be loved by me?

O my God, worthy of infinite love! I love You, or rather, I should say, I love You not.

I love You above all things; more than my life, more than myself; but still I see that I love You too little.

O King of Heaven! make Thyself also King of my heart, possess me entirely.


I leave all, and turn to You. I embrace You, I press You to my soul; despise me not, immeasurable good; I love You.

Now that You have united me to You, O my Jesus, how can I see myself separated from You? I love You, and will never cease to love You.

Unite Thyself to me, Lord; let not the corruption of my sins drive You away from me.


O God, O God! whom shall I love, if I love not You, my life, my love, my all?

Chosen among thousands. My God, You only, You alone do I choose for my love.

My Redeemer, I desire no other but You.

Oh that I might be wholly consumed for You, who was entirely consumed for me!

Take possession, Lord, of my whole will, and do with me what You please.

--St Alphonsus Ligouri

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