Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fiery life

If we permit the love of God to replace our cares in the world, and if we give ourselves over to steady prayer and meditation, we will soon find our attitude and behavior changing. We will stop racing from one thing to another. We will rest in tranquility and peace.

A stable. spiritual life requires much prayer and devout singing of psalms. Evil is only conquered by continual prayer.

Prayer can become habitual. Whether praying or meditating, it is possible to focus our attention on God. In this kind of prayer we do not think of anything in particular. Our whole will is directed toward God. The Holy Spirit burns in our soul. God is at the very heart of our being. Our prayers are made with affection, and they become effective. If our prayers require words, we do not rush. We can offer every syllable as a prayer in itself. The love burning in us will give fiery life to our prayers.

Prayer of this kind is a delight.

--Richard Rolle, The Mending of Life
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